Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Save Your Memories

I love photos. I love taking photos (as a matter of fact I got a fantastic new camera for Christmas!) and I love sharing photos. That's why I love Shutterfly. In case you haven't heard, Shutterfly is a site where you can not only share photos, but make photobooks, calendars, cards, gifts, and more.

I also love Shutterfly because it helps reduce clutter. Instead of having pictures laying around everywhere or in boxes that nobody looks at, you can easily create beautiful photo books to set on your coffee table.

You can also use the photo books in other ways. How about taking pictures of your child's school projects? That way they have a beautiful keepsake of all of their artwork without having it all over the house getting worn & torn.

If you'd like to save a little money, Shutterfly is having a 20 percent off sale on all of their photobooks till January 13.

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