Monday, January 25, 2010

DIY Project: Make Your Own Headboard

Headboards can add a huge 'Wow' factor to any bedroom design. They instantly create a focal point and add a sense of stability to the room.

From a feng shui perspective, a headboard represents support. It energetically says, "I've got your back." Who doesn't want that, especially when you're sleeping? Ever tried sleeping on a mattress without a headboard? It felt a little vulnerable, didn't it?

My favorite headboards are upholstered. I just love the comfort and coziness of the soft fabric.

It is relatively easy to make your own headboard. I've made many over the years and never spent more than $125!

I found some pretty thorough instructions at on the link below.

Remember to make it high enough so that there's plenty 'o room for european pillows without covering up your handiwork. In other words, consider the finished look, pillows and all, when calculating your size.

By the way, I've never used a jigsaw as shown in the instructions. I just have the guys at the home supply store cut the board to my specs. It's usually only 50 cents a cut. But if you have the jigsaw and want a more shapely look, go for it!

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