Saturday, January 23, 2010

But first, a word to The Peanut Gallery

Three years ago this week, my first video, Top Ten Feng Shui Tips From Elizabeth Chamberlain was posted on YouTube.* I hadn't paid much attention to it as of late, so I just checked in for a look-see. Turns out, its had over 147,000 views, and for the last two years has held the #1 place among Feng Shui videos in a field of about 10,000.

Because of that video, I was contacted to do the Space Lift webseries for 60frames. Currently, two of those videos are #2 (Get Rich Quick) and #5 (Spice Up Your Sex Life) on YouTube.

In other words, I have three of the top five Feng Shui videos!

Wow, I'm totally overwhelmed and, frankly, humbled by all of this.

Since this whole thing started, I've had folks from all over the world sign up for free tips on my website and email me asking advice. It feels fanfriggintastic to be able to help so many folks seeking guidance.

But that feeling doesn't go to my head. Oh, no, my friends. Because more than fans are the numbers of snarky commenters hiding behind their computers. With a total of 23 videos on dozens of websites, I've heard just about everything from the peanut gallery.

It reminds me of Tina Fey, who while accepting last year's Golden Globe award, shared her take on this trend.

“If you ever feel too good about yourself, they have this thing called ‘the internet.’ You can find a lot of people there who don’t like you, and I’d like to address some of them now."

She then proceeded to list off the offenders, which included such online personalities as “dianefan,” “BabsonLacrosse,” and “cougar-letter,” telling them, one by one, that they “can suck it!”

Since this blog is my forum, I'd like to take the time here to respond to some of the comments I've received.

fingersmaloy- You're right, the Top Ten Feng Shui Tips List does sound like "House Keeping For Dummies." And yes, everyone does already know to fix drips, change burnt bulbs and tighten knobs. The thing is, most folks don't get up off the sofa and do it! They wait months before getting around to their Handy Andy list. I'm just pointing out how it affects you from a Feng Shui perspective.

ichachu- I'm actually not a "wannabe Asian." I'm very content with my roots, thank you. There is no rule that states you have to be Asian to practice Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a system of encouraging and controlling the flow of energy in our surroundings. Energy is universal, just as gravity is universal. Sir Isaac Newton, an Englishman, discovered the Laws of Gravity, but you don't have to be English to fall down.

toolongsingapore- This Top Ten List is, in fact, Feng Shui. Obviously, the subject is far more vast than I could cover in 3:11 minutes, however, I created it as basic steps that everyone can take to improve the energy flow in their surroundings. The webseries goes into more detail. Check it out.

tkdkung- Au contraire, a "white lady teaching Feng Shui" is nothing like "a German teaching us the Didgeridoo."

drevil666- Yes, people really do pay me to do this. They report great improvements in their lives as well as a healthy flow of energy they didn't know existed. Plus, their homes look better and function more efficiently. You should try it...but with a name like yours, I'd strongly suggest you also perform a Space Clearing.

And to the boys...

skidooyohoo- I didn't know before you pointed it out that you can see my bra strap in the first video, but kudos for watching it three times to confirm.

brostomper, mnyprest, and ryguy- Yes, they're real.

geekboy07- No, I'm not trying to 'hyp-no-tize' you with them.

*Director & Producer, Sheri Hellard, is my wonderful partner on all videos.

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