Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Best Times to Buy Anything, All Year Round

I found this super handy guide from Lifehacker and thought you'd like it to. Check it out...

You're always hearing about off-season, post-peak times to save money on purchases and food, but it always arrives too late. We've compiled a timeline and lots of best-time-to-buy suggestions into one post to help you plan a more frugal 2010.

We scoured the net for advice from financial sites, gadget bloggers, and other sources on the best times to buy particular items, ranging from little goods you can stock up on (aluminum foil) to big-time purchases you can easily overpay for in the wrong season (boats). We threw together all these tips, organized them by time frame, and, through the keen eye of one Jason Fitzpatrick, assembled a timeline of some of the major items to keep in mind throughout the year.

Want the specifics? Here's the data dump from our little research experiment. The reasons for these items being suggested in their particular months varies, but generally they're pinned to getting a better deal when sales are slow, when new products are just about to roll out, or when every single retailer is selling at a discount. If you're interested in the source articles for this compendium, we've listed them near the end of this (already long) post.

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