Saturday, August 1, 2009

Small Living: 200 Square Feet of Happiness

Holy Upside, Batman! I found an article written by a woman who's downsizing from a 400 square foot home...into (deep breath) a 200 square foot house! But wait. She shares the home with her husband! And their two cats...and they love it!

Yes, there is a movement afoot called Small Living. Tammy and Logan (along with their cats) are enjoying the Small Living Lifestyle in Sacramento, CA.

Tammy's list of Small Living Upsides are downsizing incentives for all of us...even if we don't live in a home the size of a pop-up camper.

Here are the highlights:

Exiting the Consumer Lifestyle

For instance, there is no reason to go shopping for more stuff when you don’t have a place to put it. My policy is 1 in, 1 out. Every time I buy something new, one of my personal things must go.

Saving Money

The low cost of the tiny house enables us to save money for future expenses and help friends and family members in need.


Our stuff doesn’t own us anymore. As long as we have each other and our cats, we will be good to go.

More Free Time

Downscaling enables us to devote more time to outdoor activities, writing and the important things in life like friends and family.

Debt Free

The average American has a 20 to 30 year mortgage. By going small, we'll have our tiny house paid off in less than 1 year.

Working Less

Owning a small home enables us to work less and pursue career goals that didn’t seem possible a few years ago.

Less Cleaning

A tiny house requires significantly less cleaning and maintenance and that make me very happy. Instead of cleaning we spend more time riding our bikes outdoors.

Wouldn't Thoreau be proud?

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