Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making The Luxury Hotel Look Even More Feng Shui Friendly

I guess all the letters following my first piece in The Huffington Post, Create The Luxury Hotel Look At Home, inspired me to expand on the topic! Here's some additional thoughts on making your bedroom not only luxurious but Feng Shui friendly. 

Avoid Mirrors in the Bedroom

Bedrooms are for rest, relaxation and intimacy. To create a really relaxing bedroom, avoid having a mirror positioned so that you can see yourself when you are lying in bed.

Seeing yourself from the bed can disrupt sleep and result in health issues. Mirrors add a lot of energy to a room. If you can, try removing all mirrors from the bedroom. It's will immediately feel more restful in the space. 

And contrary to bad 70's movies, mirrors in the bedroom can inhibit intimacy more than accentuate it. 

The Effects of Having a Television in the Bedroom

Admittedly, in a luxury hotel room you'll find a big flatscreen, however, having a television in the bedroom is a Feng Shui No-No.

Here's why.

First, because it's reflective surface can act as a mirror. Second, because of the EMF's (Electro-Magnetic Fields). 

Odorless, tasteless, invisible pollutants, EMF's are linked to mild health concerns like fatigue and tension as well as much deadlier disease states such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

If you'd like to know more about EMF's, the video Boost Your Energy from my webseries covers the topic.

Also, my personal observation is that a television in the bedroom hinders romance.

As a Feng Shui consultant, I've been asked just about everything by clients requesting solutions for confidential issues.

I've noticed that those seeking help for lackluster love lives have a television in the bedroom. Those with rocking sex lives usually don't have a television in the bedroom. And those who purposely move the TV out for a Feng Shui boudoir boost also move pretty darn quickly from the lackluster category to the rocking.

Whether it's the mirror-like surface, the EMF's or Leno, the television turns the mood into snooze-time instead of, well, you know.  Just sayin'. 

If you're going for the luxury hotel look, think of it as moving the TV to another room of the 'suite.'

And if you must have a television in the bedroom, keep it covered in an armoire or behind doors when not in use.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Customized Bagua Map for Your Floor Plan

When I first learned about Feng Shui in the mid-90's, I bought three Feng Shui books...and was totally confused. Each book told me how to apply the Bagua differently! Plus, my home at the time had a weird shape so I couldn't tell where the energy areas were...until I hired a consultant, that is.
Now you can get a customized Bagua over your floor plan. This is a great way to get started, knowing you're placing your cures in the right spots.
I wish someone had done this when I first started out!

In feng shui, it all starts with the Bagua Energy Map. Separated into nine distinct areas, the map is superimposed over a floor plan to reveal where specific energy resides. The goal is to have all areas enhanced to balance the ‘self’ in the center. 

But for many people, areas of the home are missing or fall below the line the map and, therefore, don't benefit from Feng Shui enhancements. Unless of course, you apply certain Feng Shui 'cures.'

Applying the Bagua Energy Map can be confusing and frustrating. Even with a perfect shape, many folks have challenges applying the map correctly. Some areas stick out, some are missing...and sometimes aligning with the front door is the problem.

So I've set up a service to provide you with a customized Bagua, superimposed over your floor plan. 

I'll personally superimpose the Bagua over the floor plan of your home or workspace so that you can rest assured it’s done correctly.

Here's how it works:

1) Draw your floor plan. If you have a computer program, that's great, but a hand-drawn sketch will work too, as long as it's in proportion. Be sure to clearly mark the front door. If your home has more than one floor, have an image/sketch of each, no additional charge.

2) Email your floor plan. Scan it into your computer and email it. You can even take a photo of your sketched floor plan with a digital camera or cellphone to create a digital file to email. pdf, gif, png, jpeg all will work. 

3) I'll apply the Bagua in the correct position, give you lots of helpful notes, and email it back to you. If you'd prefer it to be sent via US mail, just let me know so you can have that instead.

4) You are on your shui! Just apply your cures and enhancements, knowing they're in the right spots with your customized map.  

Bonus: You'll also receive a customized map with locations of the Five Elements for your personalized floor plan.

Only $99.97

More information on my design site, Space Lift:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Feng Shui for Love Tele-Seminar: "Enhance The Romance"

I'm so excited to announce my next Tele-Seminar as part of the Success 2010 series!
Most people request Feng Shui consultations for two reasons: to attract money & love. Following "How To Be a Money Magnet," the next tele-seminar in the series is...
Attracting Love The Feng Shui Way

Tuesday, May 25
9 pm Eastern
8 pm Central
7 pm Mountain
6 pm Pacific

It’s Spring...Love is in the air! Time to capture it’s joyous energy to Enhance the Romance.

Ready to turn up the flame in your Love Life? 

Enhance The Romance Tele-Seminar can light the way to...
•Attract a new relationship
•Re-ignite the passion with your mate
•Create more peace and harmony with your partner
•Take your relationship to the next level

Jam-packed full of Feng Shui cures to help anyone who... 
•Recently ended a relationship
•Feels stuck in their current relationship
•Doesn't remember what a relationship is!

You will learn how to:
•Identify & eliminate energetic blocks to optimal Love Energy
•Shift frustrating, stuck energy into joyous, flowing energy
•Enhance the Love Area in your home
•Fix a missing Love Area
•Add essential bedroom boosts
•Apply Feng Shui cures for love gone wrong
•Create space for Love

Plus...following the call you'll receive a

MP3 Audio Recording with Bonus PDF Notes!

listen anytime, as many times as you want
 on your iPod or MP3 player
 on your computer 
 burn a CD to listen in the car
 plus read all the notes from the transcript!

All for only $47!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I speak often about the importance of being Joyful, of having strong Intentions and of the Law of Attraction. Well, when my Facebook friend & fellow blogger Irene Turner shared this video, I thought, "That's it! That's how it's done!"

Check out this little girls energy level of excitement, gratitude, joy and certainty. Doesn't she inspire you?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Get Your Green On: Green Steps to Attract Home Buyers

Spring is traditionally the time of year when most home sellers place their home on the market. If you (or folks you know) are selling your home, here's an article I wrote for move.com that has lots of helpful information.
If you'd like additional help to sell your home faster for more money, get my Home Staging Guide. 

Green Steps To Attract Home Buyers

For many people, green living is simply a way of life. However, not every home buyer interested in green living requires a LEED Certified home with an off-the-grid energy system, a living roof and a compost area. As wonderful as that would be, there’s usually a hefty price tag attached.

Buyers today understand that going green is a journey. If you share with them all the little green steps you have already taken, chances are your efforts will be most appreciated. And who knows, it could be just the thing that distinguishes your home from the competition.

So when it’s time to sell, it’s time to add up all that you’ve done to go green. If any enhancements are needed before the sale, definitely choose eco products to add to your list.

Here are some of the features and product choices that make your home green. Check to see what your home already has and what you can add before your sale. It’s possible that you have a longer list than you realize.
Location. If your home is close to public transportation or within walking distance to stores, schools and parks, that’s definitely green. As a matter of fact, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) lists “location” first on their Green Home Checklist. Let buyers know that the kids can walk to school and bike to parks. And that you regularly walk to the shops in the neighborhood. Less car trips equal more green.
Building Design. Is your home situated on a site or landscaped in a way that’s energy efficient? The USGBC recommends that natural daylight reaches at least 75 percent of the home’s interior. Take a good look at your home. If your roof gets shade and you have abundant windows, then you don’t need to use your energy systems as often. If natural breezes flow due to your home’s design, thus eliminating the need for air conditioning, let your buyers know. Buyers love easy solutions for keeping utilities bills, and therefore CO2 emissions, down.
Energy Star. Definitely let buyers know if the home includes any Energy Star items such as appliances, windows, lighting or heating and cooling systems. And of course, if you need to replace any of these items before the sale, look for the Energy Star label. Did you know that Energy Star saved enough energy in 2008 alone to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 29 million cars, all while saving Americans $19 billion on their utility bills? Yeah, it’s that important.
No-VOC paint. If you are doing any painting in preparation for your home’s sale, use No-VOC paint. Who will know the difference? Everyone! VOC’s are volatile organic compounds, the toxic odor-causing gases in chemicals such as paint. No-VOC’s, no odors. With all the new green technology, No-VOC paint’s quality has gone up and the prices have gone down.
Sustainable Flooring. If you already have 100% wool carpet, then you have some sustainable flooring. However, if you’re changing the carpet before you sell, consider sustainable or recycled carpets. There are many on the market, some are even made from recycled soda bottles. If you used flooring with Forest Stewardship Certified or reclaimed woods, or perhaps a sustainable material such as bamboo or palm, that’s definitely worthy of tooting your green horn.
Recycling Area. Most towns nowadays have a recycling program in place. However, not all homes do. If you’ve created space to store your recyclables before they head for the curb, let
buyers know. A clean, organized home is a turn-on for buyers. If you’ve found a way to keep the recycling area clean and organized, Hallelujah.
“Dark Green” Items. Got any of the following? Then you’re not just green, you’re dark green. Tell your buyers if your home has any items such as: solar or wind powered anything, LED lighting, a light reflecting roof, water capturing systems, recycled building materials such as insulation, recycled countertops or tile, motion sensor lighting, or drought tolerant landscaping.
The whole truth, and nothing but. All that being said, do not lie, embellish or exaggerate. Folks in the green world are very well-informed and can spot ‘green washing’ in a blink. What’s green washing, you ask? Lying, embellishing and exaggerating your green status. Better to leave items off the list than stuff it with phony info.

Once you’ve completed any replacement or enhancement projects, add up your green list and share the information with your broker. Then print the list and put it in a frame near the sign-in area during Open Houses. You’ll be surprised how effective your little green steps can be.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I've had several conversations recently about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. It seems many people either completely missed it or kinda heard something about it, but didn't really 'get' it. Well, I think this guy is quite simply doing God's work. We should all be getting behind him to support this cause. So I'm reposting this for your Sunday Inspiration.

If you'd like to watch the ABC series, here's the link on Hulu
"I wish for your help to create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity."

Jamie Oliver (yes, The Naked Chef) recently won the TED Prize, an award given annually to an exceptional individual who receives $100,000 and, much more important, "One Wish to Change the World."

Please listen to Jamie's powerful speech. It's an eye opener and life changer.

Click below to sign Jamie's petition

TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. It's now a phenomenon that's changing the world.

The best talks and performances from TED are available to the world, for free, on ted.com.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Home Workspace Inspiration


Did you know that 17.2 million Americas worked from home for an employer in 2008? That was a 74% increase since 2005! And it doesn't include the freelancers, self-employed or those folks looking for work. 

Bottom line? That's a whole lot of home offices.

With that in mind, finding clever workspace design is more important than ever. So I thought I'd share a few favorite solutions.

Have fun...

Imagine, instead of driving to the office, you just have to open the curtain and POW, a big ole dose of fun via the wallpaper! I'm inspired!

(But she needs a mirror or reflective surface to see behind her for good feng shui!)

Here's a past post about creating an office in a closet.

Photo courtesy realsimple.com

Think outside the box...

Katy of Sloane Home put cork on the wall and then wallpapered over it. Put me down for a "Why didn't I think of that!!!" Beautiful, fun, useful and clever. Thumbs up, Katy.

Be organized...

Keeping everything in it's place becomes more important when your workspace is in the home. Matching containers helps it look even more organized. These are repurposed juice jars. Go green!

Hide the details...

Work Area...
Need the space to quickly convert when guests arrive? Martha & Co have a great idea for a crafter's workspace made from two bookcases that are hinged together so they can close up when it needs to virtually disappear. Here's a link to the instructions.

(Again, she needs a mirror or reflective surface to see behind her for good feng shui!)


There is nothing pretty, exciting or inspiring about a wad of tangled cords. If your home office is in a public area such as the living room, even more important to keep it hidden.

Whomever tied up the wires in the photo above is a genius in my book.

Photo courtesy outlawdesignblog.com

Leave it to the people at Martha Stewart to find this clever use of space in a kitchen office.